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Jenny Parsons is an urban landscape painter working mostly in oil on canvas and chalk pastel.

For Parsons a landscape painting is a place for the eye and mind to play, where the experience of the landscape and the act of painting hold equal importance.

Her work shows a fascination with vertical objects on the landscape: trees, buildings, lampposts and other structures; as well as the "drawings" on the land created by roads, paths and other demarcations. These elements suggest and in fact replace a human presence. The visual conversation between horizontal and vertical, mass and detail, solidity and fragility further explore the human relationship to the land.

Jenny is currently completing a Post Grad Diploma in painting at Michaelis UCT.

Upcoming exhibitions:
Michaelis Grad Show 2014. Opening at 6pm on the Wednesday the 3rd of December. Running until Friday the 18th December. Hiddingh Campus, UCT. 37 Orange Street, Gardens, Cape Town.

Work currently on display:
  • In-Fin-Art, Wynberg, CapeTown. Ph 021 761 2816
  • Dorpstraat Galery, Dorp Street, Stellenbosch
  • Tamasa Gallery, 36 Overport Drive, Durban. Ph 031 207 1223
  • IS Art at le Quartier Francais, Franchhoek

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